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Our goal with TreeGuard was to create a unique solution, that would make caring for your garden significantly easier. The result is more than just a tree, bushes, and other objects guard. An ability to adjust the guarded object, quick installation, easy maintenance and environmental friendliness – TreeGuard is even more capable.



Protects tree

Enhances garden


TreeGuard dramatically changes your gardening experience.

A unique solution that changes the perception of providing the protection your trees need.

Does protect what is valuable for you.

Your memories, your oasis of peace and your piece of nature.

Every tree is beautiful, in its own way.

And it is worth protecting it.

Every tree is beautiful, in its own way.

And it is worth protecting it.


Gardening is a way of showing you believe in tomorrow.

Easy to assemble and adaptable to every tree.


Easy to assemble and adaptable to every tree.



Functional, adjustable and robust – that is a TreeGuard

Tested in the most demanding conditions

UV resistant

Emphasis to a garden aesthetic

Learn more about the design

TreeGuard reaches a new level of innovation and precision.
The natural finish ensures a perfect symbiosis with your garden.
The carefully selected colour emphasizes the aesthetics of your piece of nature.

max. tree diameter:

115 mm


max. tree diameter:

305 mm


Our natural green has a rich, deep matte finish achieved through using high quality materials. This important detail shows a natural link between nature and human innovation. The end result is so purely and continuously green, you can’t tell where the TreeGuard ends and your piece of nature begins.

TreeGuard was designed to protect natural herritage. It is made of 100% recyclable materials.

Designed to resist unpredictable weather – the design and body of our product are set to resist rain, snow, frost or leaves.

Potential applications:

  • to protect fruit / decorative trees
  • to protect posts
  • to protect bushes
  • to protect garden furniture
  • to protect vegetables
  • frisbee 🙂

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